COVID-19 LA Updates

For any query that relates to COVID please contact the LA on the following email address

All children, adults and their households attending schools/settings will be able to be tested if they develop symptoms of COVID-19. Please click here for further details covid-19 getting tested. 

Please find below all of the updates from Chris Snudden at the LA in reverse chronological order. 

4th March

Letter to Parents from Norfolk County Council.pdf

3rd March

  1. Health & Safety Updates
  2. School Attendance Update
  3. School & College Transport
  4. Resources to support ‘Return to Schools’: Parental engagement & EHWB
  5. MASP Consultation and Feedback
  6. Parents Webinar – 4 March 2021
  7. COVID-19 Test register platform
  8. School Staffing FAQs
  9. FSM Vouchers for Easter Holidays
  10. Big Norfolk Holiday Fun Big Norfolk Flyer.pdf

1st February

  1. Attendance of Critical Workers and Vulnerable Groups
  2. Free School Meal Vouchers for February Half Term
  3. Reporting of Incidents and Accidents – LA Maintained schools

27th January

  1. Changes to testing requirements
  2. Primary Staff Testing – Risk Assessment Template
  3. NHS Norfolk Healthy Child Programme and All Babies Cry
  4. Just One Norfolk - Spotting Serious Illness in Children

21st January

  1. Testing and Vaccinations
  2. Primary School Statutory Assessment
  3. Free PPE distribution from DfE - update
  4. FSM Vouchers for Half Term
  5. Digital Devices Survey
  6. Informing the LA of a full or partial school closure

8th January

  1. Online Learning Support to Schools, Pupils and Parents
  2. Mass Testing in Secondary Schools
  3. Risk Assessment Update2021_01_08 online learning support.pdf

7th January

  1. Attendance
  2. Free School Meal Provision
  3. Early Years Update
  4. Updated Health and Safety Guidance
  5. Staffing FAQs

6th January

  1. Priorities for vulnerable groups and critical worker children
  2. Free mobile data increase

5th January 2nd Alert

Update on vulnerable groups

5th January

  1. Press statement by Norfolk County Council
  2. Start of the Spring Term
  3. Secondary school testing support offer
  4. Free School Meal Provision

18th December

Update on the last day of term

16th December 2nd Alert

  1. Rapid Testing in Schools

16th December

  1. Free PPE distribution from DfE
  2. Isolation period change
  3. Coronavirus (COVID-19) asymptomatic testing in Schools and Colleges
  4. You’re not alone this Christmas: Mental Health Campaign is launched

9th December

  1. Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPS)
  2. Preparing for the Christmas Break & DfE advice
  3. Urgent School Contact/Key holder data base
  4. Attendance during the final week of term
  5. COVID-19 Testing Kits
  6. Christmas Performance Guidance now available

7th December

    1. Winter Support Package for Norfolk Families 

26th November

  1. Operation Encompass Update
  2. Winter Preparedness
  3. Union Concern about Monitoring and Scrutiny

6th November

  1. Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership (NSCP) Survey
  2. HR Update
  3. Health & Safety
  4. Norse

2nd November

  1. Support from NCC – Change to Cluster Adviser System

9th October

  1. School Catering
  2. LA Duty Phones and weekend cover
  3. Transport

30th September

  1. Compliance Code Updates
  2. Speech & Language Therapy
  3. NHS COVID-19 App
  4. Well-being for Education Return
  5. The Reintroduction Hub; a wellbeing support tool for school and home

23rd September

  1. Managing suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases
  2. Healthy Child Programme Update
  3. Transport support for pupils with symptoms

17th September

  1. Outbreak Management update
  2. LA Weekly Data Collection

10th September

  1.  School Transport
  2.  Duty Desk reminder
  3.  LA Data Collection
  4.  Outbreak Management Update
  5.  Elective Home Education

4th September

  1. School Transport
  2. Education Incident Room: Education Toolkit
  3. School Closure System
  4. Supporting Health Professional to visit settings
  5. Banham Poultry Outbreak

1st September

  1. Back to school campaign
  2. Health & Safety updates
  3. Banham Poultry Outbreak

20th August

  1. Norfolk well-being return to Education
  2. High School handwashing and social distancing social media campaign
  3. School and College Transport
  4. Catch-up Funding
  5. SRB FAQS related to COVID-19 for the September start of school 
  6. Norfolk Outbreak Management: Test and Trace
  7. Health and Safety Updates

7th August

  1. Health and safety updates
  2. School Transport
  3. Updated Government Guidance
  4. Directory of Services and Support

21st July

  1. Updated Risk Assessment
  2. LA Draft Service Directory
  3. Survey response Summary
  4. Health and safety – Summer holiday – LA School Visits
  5. Aide Memoire – Guidance Summary
  6. Swimming Pools update

16th July

  1. Attendance, Children Missing Education and Safeguarding
  2. Transport Update – School Transport
  3. Temporary staggered start and finishes to the school day
  4. Update from the Music Service
  5. Clarification regarding attendance and provision for SRBs September 2020

15th July

  1. Q&A on the latest Compliance Code and Risk Assessment from Derryth Wright, our Head of Health, Safety and Well-being  

13th July

  1. Risk assessment & Compliance Code
  2. Opening of swimming pools
  3. Updated Guidance on Management of Cases
  4. September Staffing - Information for School Leaders
  5. Kooth Pre-Summer School Communication
  6. RSHE for Y6 Pupils

9th July

  1. Expectation for September opening
  2. Home to School Travel (all students)
  3. Principles for providing school transport from September
  4. Supporting vulnerable pupils return to school
  5. Contacting CADS
  6. Feedback from School Surveys

6th July

  1. DfE Webinars
  2. Compliance Code and Risk Assessment update summer clubs and wraparound care
  3. Information from Norwich Research School
  4. Individual Pupil Risk Assessment

2nd July

  1. Remote and online Learning – anonymous survey
  2. Support for transition
  3. Norfolk Assistance Scheme
  4. Support for English, maths and assessment
  5. Early Adoption of the new EYFS Profile - update

30th June

  1. Test and Trace changes
  2. GCSE re-sits in the Autumn
  3. Health and Safety update – and school visits
  4. Resources for families with 6 – 11 year olds

11th June

  1. COVID-19 Outbreak in school - Process and recording
  2. Health and Safety Guidance
  3. Communication – template letters to use

2nd June

  1. Guidance for Transport Staff during COVID-19
  2. Inclusion and SEND Support
  3. Health and Safety Updates

27th May

  1. LA Risk Assessment Process
  2. Risk assessment and compliance code updates
  3. Emergency School Closure
  4. Staffing Decisions flow chart and additional information

22nd May

  1. Transition Toolkit
  2. Health and Safety Liabilities
  3. Guidance on Provision for Young Children
  4. Reporting Guidance

21st May

  1. Friday Survey
  2. Clap for Educators
  3. KS2 Resources
  4. Joint Union Letter NEU GMB, Unison, Unite
  5. School Crossing Patrols
  6. Norfolk Schools website

18th May

  1. School transport update
  2. Supporting Curriculum Development
  3. May half term

14th May

  1. Safeguarding Campaign – Online Safety
  2. Transport
  3. Template survey for parents
  4. Curriculum support materials to come
  5. Increasing school provision checklist

11th May

  1. Educational Visit Insurance during COVID-19
  2. Template letter for staff and additional information for school leaders
  3. Payment to supply and casual workers

1st May

1. Risk assessments

2. Critical incidents, bereavement and trauma update during COVID-19

3. Our own staff news

29th April

  1. Health and Safety Guidance
  2. E-Courier this week
  3. Bank Holiday Friday 8th May
  4. Support for remote and online Learning
  5. Testing for COVID-19

24th April

  1. Testing for COVID-19
  2. Reporting to parents
  3. Support for Schools and Families without a social worker
  4. Information about ATT equipment during COVID-19 isolation period
  5. Element 3 Funding arrangements for the Summer term 2020
  6. Feedback on Data Returns

22nd April

  1. Safeguarding and Vulnerable Groups update
  2. Furloughing staff
  3. E-Courier messages

17th April

  1. End of Easter Data request for all schools and settings
  2. Finance Guidance
  3. Free School Meal update
  4. HR Letter Template for Staff
  5. Supporting Schools in their work with Vulnerable Learners
  6. Request for PPE
  7. End of Easter Data request for all schools and settings
  8. School Closure Notifications

14th April

  1. Start of the Summer Term and Engaging Vulnerable Learners
  2. Mental Health message
  3. Early Years message
  4. Letter to GMB – on FAQ

7th April

  1. DBS ID Checking
  2. Public Health Norfolk update
  3. Paediatric First Aid – Norfolk guidance
  4. Free Schools Meals - DFE updated guidance
  5. Link to resources for schools and parents - DFE
  6. Social distancing for education providers – DFE updated guidance
  7. Financial support for schools- DFE guidance
  8. Initial teacher Training – DFE guidance
  9. Free School Meals FAQ
  10. Free School Meals FAQ part 2

3rd April

  1. Critical Incident Offer
  2. Data and Early Years
  3. Health Information – Just One Norfolk


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